Each of the Las Vegas hotels offers numerous attractions for visitors, but I will highlight the following hotels as must-see tours from south to north.

Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

First, the Luxor hotel with its incredible Egyptian pyramid shape, the emulation of the famous Sphinx of Gizeh , and with the layout of its rooms on the inner sides of that pyramid.

Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas

The Excalibur hotel , on the other hand, is ideal especially if you travel with children, with a fairy tale decoration, quite childish.

New York Hotel in Las Vegas

The New York hotel for its exterior design will lead you to think that you are staying in one of Manhattan’s skyscrapers .

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

In the Paris hotel you will find in its exterior the emulation of Parisian monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe , and in its interior, due to its successful decoration, it will give you the feeling of strolling through the most charming streets and corners of The French capital

Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas

For its part, the Bellagio hotel is famous for the spectacle of water, light and sound from its exterior sources, and you will recognize it as the protagonist of the film Ocean’s Eleven .

Hotel Venice in Las Vegas

The Venice hotel will surprise you with the emulation of the Campanile Tower of St. Mark’s Square and its spectacular interior streets that emulate the Italian city, including a canal with gondolas.

Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas

For its part, the Circus Circus hotel is shown as a large circus tent.

Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

And finally, the Stratosphere hotel is famous for its towering tower culminated with a small “amusement park”.

You can visit the hotels located further south of the Las Vegas Strip using a monorail train that links some of them,

In this way you will avoid having to walk long distances under a sun that, in particular, in summer is really hellish.