Outdoor Adventures

Meet the Snow in Las Vegas


If as you read it! Enjoy one of the Best Activities in Las Vegas in the mountains and having fun in the snow, either skiing or sliding on inflatable tires. Live one of the Best Experiences of your life!


Las Vegas with Children


Las Vegas is today one of the number one family destinations in the United States. Learn all you can do when visiting with us as a family!


Gondolas in Las Vegas


Enjoy as if you were in the real Venice through this package that includes spectacular activities that you will keep in memory forever.


Fire Submachine Guns in Las Vegas


Feel the incredible sensation of firing a submachine gun and other high-caliber weapons in a safe and fun way. An incomparable experience!


Luxury Limousine Ride and Hard Rock Dinner


Live Las Vegas in luxury. Stroll along the famous strip in a luxury limousine and enjoy drinking champagne during your experience.


Exotic Car Management in Las Vegas


Drive a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Porsche, and many other models at full speed in this incredible experience at the Autodrome.


Buggies in Las Vegas


Enjoy a Unique Experience driving Buggies in the desert, one of the most fun Activities in Las Vegas.


Water Park in Las Vegas


Have fun in one of the Best Water Parks in the World. Only 30 minutes from your hotel you can spend an unparalleled day sliding on water slides and swimming in an incredible wave pool.


Amusement Park in Las Vegas


Live unforgettable moments either in Family or with Friends during your visit to this Amusement Park where joy has no limits for all ages.